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smart data insights through
advanced video recognition software

best in class video recognition software for broadcast, content owner, government agencies, media monitoring companies, and start-ups based on cognitive computing technology

ivitec provides software solutions for automated video content recognition, video tracking and content monitoring


ultra precise

Monitor any kind of media in real time
and with highest accuracy

Video Copyright Identification

Know where your content is used and
fully monetize it

Control and protect your video assets in a fast-growing, global media landscape

Manage Media

Stay in control over
your Digital Asset Management  

Organize, manage and generate automated and reliable results about your digital assets

Advertisement Tracking

The most accurate and reliable Advertisement Monitoring System

Reliable AdMonitoring Software solution trusted by customers world wide 

Solving your Video Recognition Challenge

Our clients have succesfully analyzed over 100 million hours of video content with our recognition solution.
We have more than 10 years experience in AI and cognitive computing science within the media industry.

What is Video Fingerprinting?

A video fingerprint is a compact digital representation of a video
that summarizes the unique characteristics of the material.

Store, retrieve
and identify

The small fingerprint file — and countless others which correspond to other unique videos — can be stored, retrieved and used to identify the original video whenever it appears from within any source.

digital profile

Video fingerprinting generates a unique digital profile which can be analyzed and identified from any   video source (including TV, video repositories, other digital streams) wherever it is subsequently used.


The fingerprint is based on unique characteristics, thus it can be used to compare videos: subtly different fingerprints are used to identify and classify “different but related” versions of your content.

Our mission is to provide automated video recognition software to solve your advertisement tracking, TV monitoring, video copyright identification and digital asset media archive tasks with an unmatched accuracy.

Why ivitec?


Experience maximum flexibility and freedom through our modular and open software approach. Individual inquiries welcome! 


Our reliable softare has proven its stability and frequent updates provide new possibilities driven by your needs.


Our software puts you at the forefront of innovation. Our dedicated team has over 10 years of experience in cognitive computing.

Cost Saving

Cost savings of more than 600% through
the elimination of manual processes!
Speed up your daily work by working
with optimal usability.

Meets expectations

Reliable and proven software used world
wide on all continents for precicse video
and media recognition.

Future Proof

We are a solution provider with third-party open architecture. We are always open to
new ideas, ready to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements.

What our clients say!

“The quality of our reports improved massively. We could dramaticly reduce people tracking TV ads. Not having to constantly hire and train people saves a lot of time, energy and money that we can invest into other key business segments.”

“ivitec showed great ambition and commitment to finding and implementing the best possible solution for us. The integration API allowed us to easily integrate it with our systems. We were also impressed by the flexibility and support of the ivitec team. They did an excellent job.”

“The ivitec Admon tracking software is a very intuitive, reliable, fast and innovative tool. We like the great focus that was given to the easy usage and precise tracking performance. It helps us very much to raise our quality and efficiency of our daily work.”

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