Moment Marketing with
Real-Time TV Trigger

Synchronize your online campaigns with live events on TV and Radio

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ivitec's automated content recognition software lets you sync any mobile event in real-time with events on television

Make the most of your offline advertisement dollars by syncing it with your online presence

The requirements of the advert industries are undergoing a massive change with the worldwide success of smartphones („2nd Screen“). Advertising companies have now been given the prin-cipal opportunity to get into a direct dialog with their target groups. This opens new horizons of creativity for the whole industry.

With its already existing features ivitec can deliver the right tools to those markets. In its classical markets of „Advert Tracking“, speed and scalability were interesting, but of secondary importance. In the new markets those features are the indispensable pre-requisites. ivitec has developed methods to synchronize off-line events with online advertisement formats, and clients successfully rolled out several formats to activly engage their audience on the second screen. The formats vary from mobile games that trigger certrain actions in sync with television events to reward based engagement formats for engaging with the television program or its advertisements. That was only possible, because the core technology did already contain all principal functionalities. Setting up the relevant triggers for engagement is a matter of seconds.

By monitoring television channels in real time, ivitec's technologies enable to track the instant placement of commercial advertisements. This enables customers to interact with commercials while they are still on-air on their TV.

Real Time Trigger

  • Instant TV Sequence detection:
    Within less than 5 seconds ivitec can transmit the information that a certain sequence is shown on TV to any connected network on earth.
  • Use Case:
    Advertisers can extend their marketing message to the web and mobile within moments the spot was broadcasted. The TV spot triggers respective SEA and online ad placements, thus increasing CTR and customer engagement. Clients are not limited to their own advertisements but can also activate campaigns based on competitor’s spot.

Automatically recognize video content with your smartphone

  • Smartphone detection
    Users can direct their phone for around 1 second towards their TV screen - seconds later ivitec has detected the channel and program. Users, thereby make themselves implicitly approachable through their 2nd screen.
  • Use Case:
    Detecting content via their smartphone, opens a broad range of applications in form of „Bonus Material, Vouchers and Services“ to engage with your audience. Users adopting to this new TV engagenment have shown a direct interest in the respective campaign and the company providing interactive engagment. 

Moment Marketing Summary

Use events on the 1st screen to engage with your audience
on the 2nd screen - right when they are most receptive

With its outstanding and operationally bullet-proof video detection technologies, ivitec marks a disruptive edge of change for the advertising industry. As a consequence, a completely new medium has been born in the form of a truly interactive combination of TV and 2nd screen devices. It utilizes the broadly rolled-out unidirectional TV medium and extends it into a bi-directional interactive medium that didn’t exist before. The beauty is that it utilizes two fully rolled-out and existing infrastructures and creates this new medium by just putting the missing link in: ivitec's Real-Time Synchronization.

This is a truly intelligent video technology - ivitec

Having both, automated video and audio detection competences in house and in its products, ivitec is well aware of the ideal application areas for both methods. For the interactive applications and for detection, video outperforms audio bottom line by at least an order of magnitude.

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