Broadcast and Media Monitoring

End-to-End Automated Video Content Monitoring Software

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Find your content

Fast and easy tracking of video content
with our automated monitoring system.

Any Channel

Regular broadcast, terrestial, satellite, IPTV, digital or pay TV. Our software can locate your content on any channel.

Real time reports

Our system delivers you detailed information in real time and with unmatched accuracy.

Identify Broadcast Media Content across Multiple Channels

Each day millions of hours of digital video content are distributed to consumers across the globe via traditional TV networks, satellite broadcast channels, and web-based streaming
video platforms. 

The ivitec TVCM platform can quickly and efficiently monitor televised content and provide accurate, real-time results for your media analytics. The readily scalable technology, based on
ivitecs patented adaptive video fingerprinting algorithm, can identify content across an unlimited number of TV channels.  

Flexible, Scalable, Robust

ivitec TVCM was designed to handle the most demanding television content monitoring needs. The PC-based TVCM system scales linearly; the number of monitored channels can be easily expanded by adding PCs to the cluster system. Any television source, including terrestrial, satellite, cable, and mobile TV, IPTV can be monitored by plugging the video source directly
into the PC.  

The system’s fully modular design minimizes the impact on existing customer workflows. The modules may be independently located allowing for remote video capture, fingerprinting, analysis, and results viewing.

Use Case Applications

  • Advertising agencies or large ad-driven businesses 
    Commercial broadcasting information is notoriously unfaithful. The ivitec Admon Adver-tisement Monitoring Solution can be used to pinpoint which commercials are aired, when they’re aired, in which markets, and which versions.
  • Broadcast networks
    Once content leaves the network and makes its way to the affiliates or even onto television, it’s exceedingly difficult to monitor and control where it has been streamed. The ivitec TVCM system can be used to ensure that affiliates play required network content, or even to ensure that pirated commercials aren’t inserted downstream by local cable providers.
  • Political organizations
    Understanding the target and reach of a candidate’s campaign or how the media presents him or her is a monumental task. The ivitec TVCM system can automatically track campaign commericals or enable customers to see how each of the broadcast networks portrays the candidates by analyzing which content they choose to air.
  • PR firms, research, and monitoring agencies
    There’s a lot of television out there to track and not enough hours in the day to watch it all. The ivitec TVCM system can track vast amounts of content. ivitec also offers a full solution for commercial advertisement detection across major markets, or even entire countries, ivitec AdMon. Tracking PR campaigns, ad campaigns or even news stories and events are all possible.

System Advantages

Why does Ivitec fit to your organization


Workflow Management

Easily configurable system accommodates customer workflow as required, from recording to long-term storage to analysis.

Remote Capture

Support for distributed architecture allows modules to be independently located for remote videocapture, fingerprinting, analysis and results viewing.


Real-Time Operation

The full material and results become available within minutes of broadcast. Real time triggers can be send
to synchronize on-line with off-line ads.

Difference Detection

Detect frame by frame differences between reference and broadcast content. Side by side pictoral represen-tation of modified regions.

Results Generation

Data is available via the userfriendly frontend tool or in any of a variety of customized formats, including charts, graphs, or even alerts.


Video Fingerprinting

Our patented video fingerprinting technology was developed at Germany’s esteemed Fraunhofer Organisation and is unparalleled in terms of speed
and accuracy.

Video Format Independent

Supports all major video formats, including MPEG-2, H.264, TS, VC-1, and MPEG-4, WMV.

Distribution Platform viewing Agnostic

Works with TV across all major distribution platforms:
broadcast, satellite, cable, IPTV and mobile.



Our PC-based solution is totally modular. Adding channel capacity is as simple as adding additional PCs.
Hardware Setup

Records up to 40 channels per PC, analyzes up to 20-40 channels per PC.

A single CPU based PC can ingest, fingerprint, and catalog between 2000 and 10,000 hours of content within a single catalog

Web Service API

Offers a web service-based API to allow for flexible system integration.

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