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Make all the video content in your media archives easily managable & detectable

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Our solution automatically
tags all your digital assets
before they are filed


Quickly scan your database when you need to look up video content or even just elements


Easily detect duplicates within your digital assets and keep
your data base organized


Quickly anayze e.g. in
which productions the
content has been used

When it comes to preserving, manipulating, and distributing digital media assets within your media archives, the content owner faces a series of complex, overlapping challenges and intertwining business initiatives that require the business planning and production organizations to creatively design closed-loop processes that ensure the longevity and relevancy of the final production. These challenges are universal in the industry, regardless whether the entity is a studio, broadcaster, video streaming portal, corporation, university, or government archive – they all have the capacity to create, and the need to manage, preserve and identify multimedia footage, specifically video.

The Industry’s Current Realities

In the Media and Entertainment industry remain tens of thousands of film titles and historical broadcasts still in analogue form – film, tape, cells, etc. Many of these studios own over 100 years of content!

Studios, broadcasters and agencies universally agree that physical tapes and reels are fragile, actual storage space requirements are burgeoning, maintenance costs are sharply rising, and physical degradation of these tapes is unavoidable. All are huge issues that threaten their business’s ability to be financially responsible to their shareholders. 

This has spawned a rush to “digitize” everything. Digital files not only provide more flexibility
in terms of handling and delivery, but also make it easier to catalog through tools like digital asset management systems (DAM) while simultaneously reducing many of the operational expense costs associated with physical media. Unfortunately, merely digitizing assets is not enough. Companies then find themselves grappling with new challenges and new threats. 

Use Case Applications

  • Asset management efficiency and metadata conformance 
    Any digital asset needs to be organized and stored in adherence within an overall data-base schema that will make the DAM system run effectively. Serving as the librarian func-tion, the DAM’s value is maximized only if assets can be located quickly and accurately. The key to asset identification is ensuring that the metadata is uniformly consistent and applied equally across all assets in the library.

    Solution - ivitec MediaSeeker Core Platform’s unique fingerprinting technology can be used to create a unique, permanent, representation for the media asset. This string is always consistent and is stored in the video fingerprints database so that it may always
    be found, regardless of the overall quality of the rest of the metadata representation. 
  • Proliferation of downstream production versions
    Unlike analogue formats, digital files are easily duplicated, manipulated, and stored. As a result, each stage of media production may create multiple versions of the same basic sequence. Each version may have a slightly different special effect, rendering, or perspec-tive, but the essence data is largely the same. Although the changes are relatively minor and may be small in scope, each review cycle incurs substantial labor and duplicative (digital) storage costs.

    Solution – By creating fingerprints for each news story, broadcast, or studio master, ivitec MediaSeeker Core Platform’s analysis engine can be used to instantly locate all varieties
    of the source footage - regardless of the age, edits, language, small differences in graphic overlays, subtitles, or overall completeness of the broader metadata representation. 
  • Operating expenses maintaining digital storage archives
    Archive systems keep copies of all titles for historical and compliance purposes. Across the industry, it has been estimated that up to 97% of files in a digital library may be duplicate material. Obviously, this adds to the cost of provisioning and maintaining the SAN/NAS hardware -- rack space is increasingly at a premium, while power and HVAC costs are also rising.

    Solution – By integrating the ivitec MediaSeeker into the production and archive workflow, finished stories and programs can be fingerprinted automatically. The fingerprints are stored in a central database/metadata archive. 
  • Expectations of production workflow integration and scaling difficulties
    Asset Management systems are trying to extend their basic “librarian” capability and are competing with broadcast automation systems to become a “workflow” management tool. For both, we find that in the increasingly distributed (WAN-based) production model, DAMs are ill-suited to properly handle the networking, protocol and hardware interface require-ments, and most lack robust integration points, making it very difficult to integrate third-party techno-logies in order to provide a holistic solution.

    Solution – The ivitec MediaSeeker Core Platform makes an extremely rich and robust library of API function calls available which permit custom integration into any DAM, automation, archive, playout, or business intelligence system. Custom statistics, report views, conditional execution of fingerprinting tasks, fingerprinting analysis, and searches are all possible manually through a UI, and programmatically through these APIs.

System Advantages

Why does Ivitec fit to your organization


Workflow Management

Easily configurable system accommodates customer workflow as required, from recording to long-term storage to analysis.

Remote Capture

Support for distributed architecture allows modules to be independently located for remote videocapture, fingerprinting, analysis and results viewing.


Difference Detection

Detect frame by frame differences between reference and new content. Side by side pictoral representation of modified regions.

Results Generation

Data is available via the userfriendly frontend tool or in any of a variety of customized formats, including charts, graphs, or even alerts.


Video Fingerprinting

Our patented video fingerprinting technology was developed at Germany’s esteemed Fraunhofer Organisation and is unparalleled in terms of speed
and accuracy.

Video Format Independent

Supports all major video formats, including MPEG-2, H.264, TS, VC-1, and MPEG-4, WMV.



Our PC-based solution is totally modular. Adding channel capacity is as simple as adding additional PCs.
Hardware Setup

Records up to 40 channels per PC, analyzes up to 20-40 channels per PC.

A single CPU based PC can ingest, fingerprint, and catalog between 2000 and 10,000 hours of content within a single catalog

Web Service API

Offers a web service-based API to allow for
flexible system integration.

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