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What is Digital Video Fingerprinting?

A digital video fingerprint is a compact digital representation of a video that summarizes the unique characteristics of the material. This small fingerprint file — and countless others which correspond to other unique videos — can be stored, retrieved and used to identify the original media content. Video fingerprinting generates a unique digital profile, which can be used to analyze and identify the original media content from within any video source (including TV, video repositories and other digital streams) wherever and however it is subsequently used.   

Extraction of Digital Video Fingerprints

Because the fingerprint is based on the unique optical characteristics of the video, it can be used to compare similar videos: different versions of the same material will have subtly different fingerprints and can be used to identify and classify “different but related” versions. 

Why ivitec's Video Fingerprinting Technology

Conventional video fingerprinting and other Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) approaches, use a single algorithm in the hope that this solution will fit the majority of media matching use cases. But, just as one glove cannot possibly fit every hand, ivitec recognizes that one approach cannot possibly be optimal for every content recognition use case or application. Rapid searches require a light-weight fingerprint, whilst frame-by-frame comparisons with precise attention to detail require a dense fingerprint. ivitec's ground-breaking Adaptive Video Fingerprinting™ technology is able to adjust the density and granularity of fingerprints to match specific content recognition use cases. It is the only digital video fingerprinting approach that is capable of meeting the automatic content recognition demands of the full range of complex media-centric business processes.
Adjustable Fingerprint Density Solution

ivitec's ground-breaking Adaptive Video Fingerprinting™ Technology
is able to adjust the density and granularity of fingerprints.

The adaptive video fingerprinting
is fully implemented into the MediaSeeker Core Platform which
is the base of all ivitec products.

The value of ivitec's Adaptive Video Fingerprinting Technology

ivitec MediaSeeker Integration Points

The ivitec MediaSeeker Core platform is a scalable, robust and most importantly, flexible fingerprinting solution engine. The core architecture, based on ivitec's Adaptive Video Fingerprinting Technology, was designed to apply variable fingerprinting density across multiple use cases and provide fully parameterized controls for the content owner.  

The same system can be used by multiple organizations requiring consistent content identi-fication methodologies. ivitec's MediaSeeker supports multiple fingerprinting densities in order to be customizable as required at each stage of production. This minimizes the costs of produc-ing and maintaining the asset while maximizing the revenue that can ultimately be derived from distributing that asset in a timely manner, regardless where it is stored, produced, or distributed.

The ivitec MediaSeeker Core Platform solution offers value to the organization by providing content owners the ability to organize and identify their content anywhere. ivitec offers a completely flexible, non-invasive video fingerprinting technology that enables content to be identified and organized at any point along its value chain, at any time, providing a future-proof record that can be repurposed as new production methods and distribution techniques arise.

Apply Video Fingerprinting in your Organisation

If you are challenged with having to identify, manage and control growing volumes of digital media assets, why not benefit from our experience and learn how ivitec's MediaSeeker with Adaptive Video Fingerprinting Technology can help your organization too:

Protect and monetize

Protect and fully monetize the value of your media assets

Achieve visibility and control

...over your proprietary assets wherever they might be used

Simplify your workflow

Enable content identification and versioning at any stage in the production process

Safe time
and money

Eliminate the need for manual video searches or content comparison exercises

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