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How to integrate AdMon into your ecosystem

AdMon Integration

ivitec's advanced advertisement fingerprinting software solution AdMon not only represents an end-to-end solution for automated advert tracking on video and radio channels. 

It's API based architecture offers a high level of flexibility and integrability, allowing for easy and deep integration into existing customer ecosystems, both on workflow and operations level.

Customers can adapt the system to their needs and make the cooperation between their data foundation and AdMon as transparent as possible.

ADMON Advertisement Monitoring Workflow

Key points of AdMon integration

Existing Infrastructure

Take advantage of your existing reference library

Add your existing reference videos to AdMon's reference fingerprint library, either via API or user interface. The system supports a huge variety of formats, and can be extended to accommodate other formats too.

Flexible capture architecture

Customers can easily attach their existing capture system to AdMon or use the native ivitec capture solution. Both solutions allow capture unit distribution around the world, with highly efficient network usage between the nodes and the central AdMon backend.

High level workflow connection between AdMon and 3rd party CMS via "Integration Interface"

Take full control over the AdMon Frontend by programming against its integration interface.
Open your own dedicated dialogs and interfaces at all neuralgic operations within the Frontend,
down to calling your existing CMS dialogs, for a seamless workflow integration.


Get your data at any time

Export detection data at any given point in time via the frontend or automated with the programming API.
Unique detection identifiers allow for incremental processing of the exported detection data. 

Adaptable frontend right out of the box

Many workflow and operation related options of the frontend can be configured without any programming effort, including among others handling of differences, treatment of references from different countries, several priorities of the same channel and creation of HQ reference videos.

Work in parallel

The AdMon processing backend can handle multiple clients, frontends as well as direct API calls, operating at the same time. Customers can parallelize their operation to take full advantage of AdMon's distributed service architecture.

Extensibility / Extendability?

Web service architecture throughout the system

The frontend is completely driven by the AdMon WCF web service API. Customers are not bound to use the AdMon Frontend but can fully create their own frontend that connects to the web service.

Build upon our foundation of programming samples

A full source code set of sample programs is provided with each installation that showcase the usage of the most common integration tasks like automatic detection export, notification on new detections
or changes in the AdMon Reference Library. Also a basic integration interface sample is provided.

The figure bellow shows a typical layout of an AdMon installation: 

AdMon Installation Example

Key Benefits of AdMon's system installation and architecture: 

  • Off-the-shelf server hardware is sufficient for effective operation

  • Distributed architecture allows for parallel processing of multiple channels

  • High density recording makes efficient use of recording disk space with near
    zero disk fragmentation

Our professional support team will assist you during the integration processes
with hands on experience, source samples and best practice solutions.

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