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Are you looking for global ad monitoring data or just real-time triggers in a specific market? ivitec it the global market leader in providing TV and Radio ad monitoring software solutions. As such, we serve a global network of TV monitoring companies and can put you in touch with the right companies to serve your specific use-case. We are also serving clients without significant own computing infrastructure. If you decided not to run your own infrastructure, but utilise existing resources instead, we also have asolution for you.

In our professional hosting centers in Frankfurt and Hamburg, Germany, we have the computer equipment and the satellite dishes installed for you, to receive and analyse TV channels from all over Europe. Upon your request we set-up the access for you, tailored exactly to your specific tracking or monitoring task. All our software modules are installed there and our experienced specialists will be in close cooperation with you to configure the technical and commercial model that suits your business best.  

We are also always looking for partners in all regions of the world to become part of our global advertisement monitoring network.

Please contact us with your requirements or ideas and one of our representatives will be in contact with you shortly.

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