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Admon -
Advertisement Monitoring and Tracking Software

Advertisement Recognition - Tracking - Monitoring - Detection Solution

Monitor advertisement on all media

With the prodigious increase in the number of simultaneously available media channels, the process of monitoring advertisements for an ever-increasing number of products and brands is becoming not only more prone to human error but verging on cost prohibitive. TV advertisement focused media monitoring companies continue to look for ways to automate and optimize advertisement monitoring workflows in order to maximize gains and overall efficiency.

ivitec’s AdMon addresses this pressing need like no other automated fingerprinting software solution in the market. AdMon software is an automated solution for advertisement monitoring workflows that both streamlines and simplifies the process for recognition and tracking. No longer must paid employees spend countless hours cycling through a never-ending mass of content; the AdMon solution brings far more accurate and detailed results in just minutes.

Can you spot the differences in the ad gallery bellow? ivitecs software solution can - scroll down to see the results!

Automated Video Content Recognition Processes

AdMon is designed with technical expertise and industry knowledge gained from world class customers, making it not only highly sophisticated but also intuitive and user friendly. The system analyzes e.g. your set of TV channels for advertisements to be automatically recognized, tracked and provides valuable detection information such as channel name and detection time within minutes of airing.

With automated detection reports from AdMon, customers now have the opportunity to eliminate the pain of manually searching through entire days’ worth of material for adver-tisements, thereby increasing efficiency and revenues - and all of this with 99.9% accuracy.

Unlike competing systems, AdMon features an Automatic New Commercial Detection.

The system will automatically suggest previously unaired advertisements to be identified and added to the reference database for subsequent detection every time they are aired. Customers can see cost savings of more than 600% through the elimination of time-consuming manual processes!

Automated Advertisement

Monitoring and Tracking Features

  • Automatic Channel identification 
    automatic identification of local channel insertions
  • Automatic recognition of new ads 
    of “newly” broadcasted advertisements
  • Video source independent solution
    functions with digital, satellite / cable / terrestrial / IP TV
  • Seamless integration
    with third party capture sources
  • Extendable via API
    customizable user interface to meet any user need
  • Detailed “Difference Detection” feature
    for accurate comparison down to frame level
  • Highest new Ad processing speed in the market
    interactive front-end designed for automated advertisement monitoring workflows
  • Remote access interface
     allows for remotely-located identification and analysis
  • Multi-level redundancy support
    to let you rest assured

ivitec's Admon solution automatically detects even the smallest variation in video or audio - never miss a new spot release!

Take your ad tracking to the next level and rely on +10 years of experience in the industry!

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