Copyright and License Monitoring

Track, Verify and Claim Royalties for your Offline and Online Video Content

Automatically Monitor Copyrights and Licensed Video Content

ivitec's copyright identification and licensed content monitoring software technology accurately and efficiently monitors and detects your copyright material or only sequences that correspond to your copyright video material offline and online. 

If multiplicators alter your material slightly or vastly, either due to failures within their copy process or on purpose, we got you covered. ivitec’s copyright and license identification software detects your content regardless to how your content has been modified. It will also detect material that has been vastly modified and in doubt rings a bell for your operator for his final decision if or if not this is still your material.

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ivitec Copyright Identification Detection Overview

All Content Detections at a Glance

Detection Dash Board

Our straight forward detection overview shows you at first sight where your content has been used in full or partial and on which channels - offline and online.

You Decide How Long Your Content is Stored

Our System is fully configurable to detect your content only for a few weeks, months or even years. 

Unlike competing systems, ivitec uses video and audio recognition for content verification.

Customers can see cost savings of more than 600% through the elimination of time-consuming manual processes!

ivitec copyright identification frame view

Frame View for Easy Verification

Copyright Identification Frame View

See the exact frames where the detections occur in the analyzed material.

Timeline for quick and easy navigation

The detection map shows you exactly in which positions your licensed content has been used. This is useful especially for news agencies where broadcast content consists of many small snippets.  

Automated Copyright Monitoring and Identification Software for all Video Copyright and License Owners

Copyright and License Monitoring

Feature Overview

  • Video and Audio Recognition Technology
    Audio Detection is prone to errors, we combine Video and Audio for best results
  • Unlimited Channel Screening
    Monitor your content on an endless number of channels - worldwide
  • Detailed “Difference Detection” Feature
    For accurate comparison down to frame level
  • Offline and Online 
    Simply connect to the ivitec MediaSeeker through its API and automatically ingest content
  • Data Export
    Automatically Export a Detailed Detection Report
  • Source Independent Solution
    ivitec's mediaseeker functions with digital, satellite / cable / terrestrial / IP TV, web
  • Seamless Integration
    AdMon easily integrates with third party capture sources
  • Extendable via API
    Customizable user interface to meet any user need
  • Remote Access Interface
    Allows for remotely-located identification and analysis
  • Multi-level Redundancy Support
    To let you rest assured
ivitec's license and copyright recognition software is an automated solution for copyright monitoring that both streamlines and simplifies the process of copyright identification, reporting and billing. No longer must paid employees spend countless hours cycling through a never-ending mass of content; ivitec's solution brings far more accurate and detailed results in just minutes

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