Automatic Copyright Identification & Royalty Monitoring Software

Protect and fully monetize your Digital Assets

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The content of copyright owners or licensees receives an unique fingerprint for detection.


ivitec's patented fingerprinting software scans TV, digital, terrestial, Pay TV or satellite.


We detect your propriatery content or just elements of it even in low quality.


You get a notification with the information where, when and how your content was used

Copyright is a form of intellectual property law that protects original works of authorship for a set period of time. As the digital media landscape expands, it’s critical to understand copyright law and how it applies to your content. Copyright protection begins when your original work is fixed in a tangible medium, such as recorded in audio or video, stored on a computer, or simply written on paper. 

ivitec is on the forefront of digital asset management, helping content providers and distributors to understand the usage and protect valuable video content. Content users store and use vast amounts of video content and revenues are lost due to unaccurate tracking and piracy. ivitec's automatic copyright identification and royalty monitoring software technology can accurately and efficiently monitor and detect specific sequences that correspond to copyrighted material. This offers both content providers and distributors an added layer of protection and control over their content.  

Do you always know where your content is used or abused without your permission? If your honest answer is “no”, or “partially yes”, or “don’t know”. We may have a solution for you to boost your royalty income significantly, by detecting unauthorized usage.

How do we do this?

Our automatic content recognition software watches predefined channels or streams 24 hours, 7 days a week. It simply works permanently in its high precision mode. If multiplicators alter your material slightly or vastly, either due to failures within their copy process or on purpose in order not to be caught, we got you covered. ivitec’s Royalty Booster will detect your content regardless to how your content has been modified. It will also detect material that has been vastly modified and in doubt rings a bell for your operator for his final decision if or if not this is still your material. With the Royalty Booster there is no escape or loop-hole for illegal multiplicators. ivitec's copyright recognition software will automatically inform your billing and legal departments for further action. No human operator could even get close to the detection accuracy and reliability of ivitec's automatic content recognition software. This is why its implementation opens unprecedented new horizons for harvesting income from formerly completely hidden areas.

Use Case Applications

  • Optimize revenues - proliferation of multiple consumption (distribution) file formats
    As traditional broadcast and cable viewership stagnates, companies rush to embrace “new media": internet, IP streaming, mobile streaming, etc. The proliferation of new consumption venues introduces a stark new reality – that of “unauthorized content” from “unauthorized distributors”.

    Solution – By integrating the ivitec MediaSeeker automatic content recognition solution into the production workflow, finished stories and programs can be fingerprinted automatically. The digital fingerprints are stored in a central database/metadata archive. This fingerprint remains constant, even as the media is sent downstream for transcoding and metadata reconformed for the requirements of the specific video sharing or platform provider (fingerprints for identical videos, regardless of format, remain identical and identifiable). Regardless of whether this “quality” media arrives at a sanctioned partner or if a consumer rips an on-air broadcast and uploads to an unauthorized video-sharing site, the ivitec MediaSeeker analysis engine can be employed to scan a library of properties and determine where a copy of the footage is present, be it the entire copy or merely a
    few frames.

  • Dissatisfaction with current security technologies like DRM and watermarking
    Many companies have already experimented with digital rights management (DRM) technologies and watermarking to secure and control their digital content from piracy and unauthorized distribution. More often, they are disappointed that the watermarking technology merely provides a purely forensic capability to possibly recover where a production leak has occurred, but neither offers piracy prevention nor supplemental searchability in a library. Additionally, creating watermarks is computationally intensive and may be removed or obfuscated through any number of file editing techniques. This makes watermarking of limited value when implemented in a vacuum.  

    Solution – It is important to remember that digital video fingerprinting is a completely orthogonal technology to DRM and watermarking. In fact, when used in conjunction with the previous, a comprehensive media security strategy may be formed. However, by itself, fingerprinting is not a security tool. It should be considered a production and distribution tool. When used specifically from these perspectives, it is important to understand that ivitec's automatic video fingerprinting software is unique to a complete media asset, or set of frames. The fingerprint is permanent and stored in a database, does not travel with the asset itself, and hence cannot be altered or removed.

    This makes ivitec's automatic content recognition software your irreplaceable assitence for controling your copyright assets on all possible channels. 

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