Efficient rights recovery through fingerprinting in asset management systems

28. Conference of the FKTG: 4. - 6. Juni 2018 in Nuremberg

ivitec's Head of Research and Development, Rene Cavet, will give exclusive insights into ivitec's fingerprinting technology at this years FKTG (Fernseh und Kinotechnische Gesellschaft) Conference in Nuremberg. He will discuss possible applications of fingerprinting technology for efficient rights recovery in asset management systems.

Content management is the core business of a television station. Rights control of assets is also a major challenge in the digital workflow. In-house productions can often be controlled via automatic metadata transfer, but at system boundaries and reuploading of produced content, a complete loss of rights information usually occurs.

Due to the high manual effort involved, the reassignment of rights is often not or only insufficiently carried out. With the help of sophisticated fingerprinting methods, it is now possible to restore rights assignment fully automatically, even in edited foreign material, simply and efficiently in large archives. For this purpose, fingerprints are automatically extracted from videos, which are compared with the archive and the original rights assignments are restored.

In this presentation, the possibilities and performance of current fingerprinting developments will be demonstrated using the example of a large asset archive in various applications. Both historical and current productions are restored using a multi-stage recognition process. Furthermore, the integration into existing video editing and production processes is explained.

Rene Cavet Head of Research and Development. A computer scientist by training, Rene Cavet has been the driving force behind the ivitec MediaSeeker technology since the beginning. Mr. Cavet began developing the underlying technology as a project during his work at the Fraunhofer Organization and since this time he has provided much of the expertise and team guidance to move MediaSeeker into its current commercially viable form. Mr. Cavet holds a degree in Computer Science from Technical University Clausthal in Germany. Upon graduation. As a result of his solid educational and vocational background, Mr. Cavet is an expert in Content-based Information Retrieval, Media Indexing and Analysis and Programming Technologies.

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