Broadcast Advertising Monitoring
and Verification Software

Automatic Video and Audio Recognition Solution

Automatically Monitor TV Advertising with AdMon TV

AdMon TV is designed with technical expertise and industry knowledge gained from world class customers, making it not only highly sophisticated but also intuitive and user friendly. The system analyzes your set of TV channels for advertisements to be automatically recognized and tracked and provides valuable detection information such as channel name and detection time within minutes of airing.

With automated detection reports from AdMon, customers now have the opportunity to eliminate the pain of manually searching through entire days’ worth of material for adver-tisements, thereby increasing efficiency and revenues - and all of this with up to 99.9% accuracy.

AdMon Difference Detection in TV advertisement

Variations in Ads are Highlighted

AdMon TV marks the detected changes of ad references and broadcasted material

Admon Difference Detection 2

Detailed Difference Detection 

AdMon TV automatically detects even the smallest change in advertisements

AdMon Difference Detection in TV advertisement

Never Miss Different Spot Versions

By applying video and audio matching, you will never miss a different spot version

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ivitec AdMon TV Dashboard

All Ad Block Detections at a Glance

Admon Dash Board

AdMon TV shows you all Ad Block Detections during the day including an hourly view and full day timeline.

Intuitive Operator Interface

Operators can easily select an Ad Block for processing and work through the daily detections. 

Unlike competing systems, AdMon features an Automatic New Commercial Detection.

The system will automatically suggest previously unaired advertisements to be identified and added to the reference database for subsequent detection every time they are aired. Customers can see cost savings of more than 600% through the elimination of time-consuming manual processes!

AdMon Frame View

Frame View for Easy Processing

AdMon Frame View

See all detections, cut, ingest and process the data with unmatched operator speed and accuracy.

Smart Navigation For Even Faster Workflows

Admon TV uses a smart navigation scheme to reduce operator involvment to a minimum. 

Automated TV Advertising Monitoring and Verification Software for all Broadcast Channels - Modular Scalable

AdMon Video Player Comparison

Integrated Video Player

Easy Comparison 

The integrated Video Player lets you compare two different spot versions to each to not miss a detail.

Best in Class Workflow

Admon is designed to make Ad Processing as easy and intuitive as possible. Your operators will love it.

AdMon TV Broadcast Advertising Monitoring

Feature Overview

  • Video and Audio Recognition Technology
    Audio Detection is prone to errors, we combine Video and Audio for best results
  • Automatic Channel Identification 
    AdMon seamlessly identifies local channel insertions
  • Detailed “Difference Detection” Feature
    for accurate comparison down to frame level
  • Automatic Recognition of New Ads 
    AdMon recognizes “newly” broadcasted advertisements
  • Data Export
    Automatically Export a Detailed Detection Report
  • Source Independent Solution
    AdMon functions with digital, satellite / cable / terrestrial / IP TV
  • Seamless Integration
    AdMon easily integrates with third party capture sources
  • Extendable via API
    customizable user interface to meet any user need
  • Highest New Ad Processing Speed in the Market
    interactive frontend designed for automated advertisement monitoring workflows
  • Remote Access Interface
    allows for remotely-located identification and analysis
  • Multi-level Redundancy Support
    to let you rest assured
  • User Management and Performance Evaluation
    Track the performance of your operators to easily find improvement areas
  • System Status Dashboard
    See in the web front end or via REST API if the status is alright.
    Detail information about channels and detection system modules.

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ivitec's AdMon TV broadcast recognition software is an automated solution for advertisement monitoring workflows that both streamlines and simplifies the process for recognition and tracking. No longer must paid employees spend countless hours cycling through a never-ending mass of content; the AdMon solution brings far more accurate and detailed results in just minutes. Improve the quality of your advertisement tracking, by never missing a detail and create the most comprehensive reports for you clients. All front end commands are also included in our comprehensive API to seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure. 

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