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What are you trying to achieve?

 Can you relate to any of these challenges?

 Find out how ivitec can help. If you have other potential uses for digital fingerprinting you can learn more about our core technology here...

I am trying to identify all content in my organization and to implement a system for tracking and controlling it however and wherever it is used. If I don't fingerprint all of my content today I run the risk that I won't be able to identify and organize it in the future.

ivitec's robust content identification solutions enable me to rapidly identify and version existing content in my archives and new content as it is being produced, and to identify the source of any piece of content with as little as 1 second of material.



I am trying to quickly identify different versions of content like television shows, commercials or films that may have different scene order or frame composition... I also have older films in my database, some of which differ by the absence or presence of a single frame, and I want to be able to create definitive master versions.

ivitec MediaSeeker™ enables me to compare multiple copies and identify the differences at faster than real-time speeds. It allows me to rapidly create frame level difference detection reports. With ivitec's help, I am able to not only save manual resources but also hit deadlines quicker.


I am trying to quickly and accurately identify content as it appears on television and am faced with an exploding number of channels that are becoming cost prohibitive to monitor with traditional manual means. I need automated tools to monitor advertisements and broadcasts that increase my efficiency and save costs – and I want to provide my customer with better data that improves my revenues.

ivitec TVCM enables me to accurately and rapidly identify televised content across an unlimited number of channels. With iPharro Admon I can detect and report on advertisements within minutes of airing. 


I am trying to remove redundant media in my archive and thereby reduce overhead and maintenance costs. As much of the video in my archive has been used on multiple occasions for different purposes, I have an archive filled with related video that could be better organized to not only save costs but also allow me to rapidly access any material I may need. Not only will I save costs but perhaps my potential customers will be able to get the material they need quicker and with persistent metadata.

By implementing ivitec MediaSeeker Core Platform™ as part my workflow for Media Redundancy Prevention (MRP) purposes I my video content will be rapidly and automatically linked and removed as necessary.


I am trying to decide between watermarking and fingerprinting and to find the optimal solution for my content identification needs. Fingerprinting appears to have key advantages as it will enable me to identify all content anywhere using a non-intrusive process that does not require that I alter my content in any way, but I'm concerned about the amount of time it would take to fingerprint all of my content...

ivitec's ground-breaking Adaptive Digital Fingerprinting™ seems to provide the answers. Unlike watermarking, I'll be able to compare and identify any of my content, regardless of its current format, where it appears, or whether or not it has been altered in the past at faster than real time speeds. More than this, I don't have to worry about the time consuming process of altering the high resolution versions for storage purposes but rather can quickly and efficiently fingerprint a low resolution proxy version and still be able to identify any other version – high resolution or low resolution - of my content in the future.


I am trying to decide on a fingerprinting solution and know that fingerprinting could serve my business in a number of ways including identifying content, analyzing versions and ultimately identifying where that content surfaces. I've seen that some of the solutions out there are highly focused around post-distribution identification but I realize that my needs extend beyond this.

ivitec MediaSeeker™ seems to be the ideal solution to this dilemma as the configurable core platform based around ivitec's Adaptive Video Fingerprinting™ technology will be able to ensure that a single fingerprinting solution will accommodate a variety of use cases without creating requirements for additional content identification solutions as my needs expand.