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Royalty Monitoring

Your Royalty Booster made by ivitec 

Do you always know where your high valuable asset, your content, is used or abused without your permission? If your honest answer is “no”, or “partially yes”, or “don’t know”.  We may have a solution for you to boost your Royalty income significantly, by detecting unauthorized usage. 

ivitec is on the forefront of digital asset management, helping content providers and distributors to understand the usage and protect valuable video content.

Content users store and use vast amounts of video content, revenues are lost due to inaccurate tracking and piracy. ivitec technology can accurately and efficiently monitor and detect specific sequences that correspond to copyrighted material. This offers both, content providers and distributors, an additional layer of protection.

How do we do this? Our Software watches the channels you ask it to watch during 24 hours, 7 days a week, never gets tired, inaccurate or sloppy and never takes lunch breaks. It simply works permanently in its high precision mode.

The pirates alter your material slightly or vastly, either due to failures within their copy process or on purpose in order not to be caught? No problem, as ivitec’s Royalty Booster will catch them regardless what they do to your material. It will also detect material that has been vastly modified and in doubt rings a bell for your operator for his final decision if or if not this is still your material. With the Royalty Booster there is no escape or loop-hole for the pirates, it’ll catch them and inform your billing and legal departments for your further action. 

No human operator could even get close to the detection accuracy and reliability of Royalty Booster. This is why its roll-out as your sleepless watch dog in the market opens unprecedented new horizons for harvesting income from formerly completely hidden areas.