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Our Story


ivitec GmbH is a dynamic software company dedicated to analyzing, organizing, and simplifying the world of media content.

Whether you are involved in the creation, management or monitoring of digital video material, you're probably challenged by the explosive growth of digital content and channels. ivitec offers a better way to identify, compare and control digital media throughout your value chain.

ivitec's ground-breaking adaptive digital fingerprinting technology will enable you to analyze digital media at greater-than-real-time speed with unprecedented accuracy and reliability whilst driving down the costs of content identification and digital asset management

ivitec is a privately held company. 

We were originally a Venture Capital financed spin-off of the renowned Fraunhofer Organisation, inventors of MP3 and other disruptive technologies. 

As formerly iPharro Media we matured the core Fingerprinting Algorithms and developed it into a bullet-proof, robust solution for the mission critical operation of our challenging worldwide clients. 

After several years of profitable growth Triangle Venture successfully exited from its investment into iPharro in 2016, by selling its assets to a privately held consortium from the Media industries. 

This was the moment of birth of IVITEC . It contains all the assets and team from formerly iPharro, but by now matured into a true global player on its own feet, thanks to the long-term trust and confidence of our world-wide clients.