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Automated Advertisement Tracking

 Increased employee retention, accuracy, quality of reports and streamlined ad monitoring services

With the prodigious increase in the number of simultaneously available TV channels, the process of monitoring advertisements for an ever-increasing number of products and brands is becoming not only more prone to human error but is also marching towards the verge of cost stampedes. TV advertisement-focused media monitoring companies continue to look for ways to automate and optimize advertisement monitoring workflows in order to maximize gains and overall efficiency.

Watching TV all day and getting paid for it?

While some might consider being paid to spend the day watching TV to be a dream job, for many media research agencies it has become a bottom line human resources nightmare. Your company’s core business is media monitoring and content analysis? In practical terms this kept a team of people busy, dedicated to watching TV for long periods of time. The intense and repetitive nature of the role meant turnover is high and, as a result, recruitment and training costs are increasing. A solution is required that can vastly eliminate non-creative manpower within this loop. Could technology provide the solution?

Challenging the curse of monotony

The tracking and analysis of campaigns is very often done manually. Staff would watch TV for extended periods of time, scanning commercial breaks for specific adverts and entering the information into your database. As a result of this draining schedule the efficiency and accuracy of employees’ work would drop considerably after their first twelve month’s employment . Many were unable to cope with the demands of the job and chose instead to leave the company. Many Agencies found themselves having to hire new people every other year – a costly and time-consuming process. The training process for each new employee will take time, which adds further costs to an already expensive process. Even once the training was completed many trainees would drop out when they realized what their roles would entail and the Agency would have to start the recruitment process again.

Automated Advertisement Recognition and Tracking

ivitec’s AdMon addresses those pressing matters like no other software solution in the market. AdMon Software is an automated solution for advertisement monitoring workflows that streamlines as well as simplifies the process. The age when expensive employees had to spend countless and nerve trembling hours of cycling through a never-ending avalanche of television content is over; the AdMon solution produces far more accurate and detailed results in just minutes and lets the employees concentrate on what they are best at: enrich the AdMon detected content with annotations, creating true value for their clients.

Beyond just identifying video content, our technology can recognize and track even slight variances that have been made to preexisting video clips. World-wide media research companies have already discovered the practicality of this, using the ivitec system to monitor variations, like price or product packaging, in video advertisements.

By now many medium-sized and large worldwide clients working in the area of Advert Monitoring have built their infrastructure around the robust ivitec technology. Most of them monitor all advert spots within their countries and sell the reports to their end clients. Some are the undisputed market leaders in their countries.

During the years of cooperation with such challenging clients, ivitec's software achieved high levels of stability and robustness. The specific requirements of those clients also resulted into the development of workflow-methods for advert tracking, seamlessly tailored to the demands of the advert professionals. 

A few years ago the markets weren’t ready for an even broader propagation of such disruptive technologies into other commercial application fields. 

This is now changing rapidly. ivitec therefor invites you to contact us, in case you envision applications in your area of responsibility, regardless if you are from the Advert Monitoring arena or if you look even beyond, into other areas of interest.