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your best in class automated video content recognition solutions

automatic fingerprint, tracking and analysis technology enables video content to be robust and efficiently identified

our mission is to provide you the automatic software solutions to solve your advertisement tracking, TV monitoring, video copyright identification and media archive tasks with an unbeaten quality and scale

Advertisement Tracking

TV Monitoring

Efficient and ultra precise tracking
of commercials on TV and Radio

Best TV Monitoring Software solution
trusted by customers world wide
for TV Content Analytics

Video Copyright Identification

Digital Media

Fully monetize your video content of all usages.

Control and protect your video assets
in a fast-growing, global media landscape.

Media Archive

Digital Media

Identify the content in your
archive by video analysis

Generate automatic and reliable results  
of  your video assets.

MediaSeeker Core Platform

Adaptive Video Fingerprinting

Configurable Content Identification Engine

Solid foundation of our solutions
with the patent protected
adaptive video fingerprinting.

Why customers trust our solutions

Cost Saving and faster working

Cost savings of more than 600%
through the elimination of time-con-
suming manual processes! Speed up your daily work by working with optimal usability.

Meet your high expectations

Reliable and proven software used world wide in video recognition.

Flexibility as you require it

Experience maximum flexibility and freedom through our modular and open software approach. Our business model is flexible, too. 

Reliability you can trust

Our reliable products have proven their stability and updates provide new possibilities driven by your needs.

Independent & innovative

Our software puts you at the forefront of innovation. Our dedicated team has defined state-of-the-art innovations

Truly future-proof

We are a solution provider with third-party open architecture. We are always open to new ideas, ready to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements.

What users say about us

ivitec - intelligent video technolgies

Trusted by customers world wide, ivitec provides its market ready video fingerprint and automated content recognition (ACR) solutions Made in Germany with ultra high accuracy and efficiency for Media Research, Realtime Interaction and Digital Media Industry. Get your data for your reporting and tv analystics with unknown quality and efficiency.

We have over 10 years experience with the development started at the Fraunhofer Organisation.

The fully automated software to analyze video clips utilizes ivitec's patent protected Adaptive Video Fingerprinting technology to immediately identify content by comparing to a database  of known video information inside the MediaSeeker Core Platform. From every video portion its own "fingerprint" is extracted, that is a set of unique, readily identifiable characteristics. 

We offer the best and flexible video fingerprint and analysis software solution in the market.

The solutions are robust, scalable systems, capable of recognizing video clips as they are broadcasted / uploaded / downloaded or within preexisting repositories of video content. Over the past years ivitec software has analysed over 80 Million hours of TV content at its customers.

What is Video Fingerprinting? 

A video fingerprint is a compact digital representation of a video that summarizes the unique characteristics of the material. This small fingerprint file — and countless others which correspond to other unique videos — can be stored, retrieved and used to identify the original video whenever it appears from within any source. Video fingerprinting generates a unique digital profile and can be used to analyze and identify any video source (including TV, video repositories, other digital streams) wherever and however it is subsequently used. Because the fingerprint is based on the unique optical characteristics of the video, it can be used to compare similar videos: different versions of the same material will have subtly different fingerprints and can be used to identify and classify “different but related” versions. 

Read more about our Adaptive Video Fingerprinting How we solve your Content Identification challanges  Download ivitec Workflow Flyer (PDF)

How to purchase our solutions

Simply contact us to get an competetive offer tailored to your needs. You will get direct and immediate support from our proficient team.

We are going to solve your task better than you expect.

Robust and efficient automatic software solution

We offer tailor-made automatic software solutions for your content identification and tracking needs with high quality results. Made in Germany, we provide our solutions world wide, no matter where you are.

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